Considering the abortion pill in Lawrence, KS?

abortion pill Lawrence ks

Considering the Abortion Pill?

Before You Decide

Choosing to take the Abortion Pill, also called RU-486, to end your pregnancy may seem like a ‘quick fix’ to an unplanned, unwelcomed pregnancy.  The reality, however, is that your decision––whether you choose abortion, parenting, or adoption––will have lifelong consequences.  It’s worth slowing down to consider all options before making a final decision.

Maybe you have the Abortion Pill—it’s actually a two-step regimen of the drug Mifepristone and Misoprostol—at hand.  Before initiating this abortion procedure (especially at home), please consider the following, and do not compromise your health and wellbeing for perceived convenience and lower cost.

  • Your medical history matters.  Have you visited with a licensed medical provider, one whom you trust?  They should address any issues that could make a medication abortion physically unsafe for you.  Additionally, they should direct you to get emotional support you might need before making an abortion decision.
  • Have you asked for and received an ultrasound?  This tool provides essential information about the status of your pregnancy prior to any abortion method.  Specifically for the Abortion Pill, you’ll want to be certain how far along you are.  There is an approved 70-day-limit (after your last menstrual period) set by the FDA for its use.  Ultrasound is also used to determine where your pregnancy is located.  If ectopic (a misplaced pregnancy) is diagnosed, you will need immediate medical attention.
  • Review additional considerations using this Abortion Health & Safety Checklist.

How It Works

Not to be confused with “the morning-after pill” (a name commonly used for emergency contraception), the first medication of the Abortion Pill combination, Mifepristone, causes fetal death.  Taken 24-48 hours later, the second medication, Misoprostol, induces contractions to expel the fetus.  It is noteworthy that if you change your mind after the first pill, contacting may give you a chance to still have a healthy pregnancy and baby! 

Reactions to the Abortion Pill medications vary widely, from mildly painful to very dangerous.  Side effects may include, but are not limited to, significant pain and cramping, heavy bleeding (with spotting lasting up to 1 month), nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, fever, and headache.  Your follow-up care with a licensed medical provider is important, as a failed (incomplete) medical abortion may require surgical or other intervention.  

Help and Healing

Though relatively uncomplicated for some, this procedure can be physically—and emotionally—traumatic for many women.  Insight Women’s Center staff are available to provide you with factual information and ongoing support in a confidential, nonjudgmental setting.  Because our hope is to empower you to make the best decision for your future, we also offer free professional medical services: pregnancy testing and limited OB ultrasound.  We do not provide abortion services or referrals, but we do offer resources for emotional healing after an abortion.  Schedule online here or call (785.842.6499)/text(785.813.1732) to make an appointment.

This article was written by a practicing Insight Women’s Center registered nurse.

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