Thinking Abortion?

If a recent pregnancy test came back positive and you were NOT prepared to see those results—you may be thinking about abortion. Your life; your hopes; your dreams—all matter.


You have a right to learn about your choices. Learning all the facts about abortion will help you in making your decision.

Life shrinks or expands

in proportion to one’s courage.

–Anais Nin.

COVID -19 Policies and Procedures at Insight Women’s Center:

Insight Women’s Center will be open limited hours for essential medical services until further notice.

Center staff will be screening patients for symptoms.  An appointment will be scheduled if the person answers “No” to all screening questions. On the day of the appointment, the client will be re-screened at the reception window before entering the medical exam room. A person who is a client seeking material supplies/assistance only shall not enter the center until further notice. Instead, clients have the option to receive a text message with a video lesson from Bright Course to continue educational opportunities and to earn baby bucks. Each client can participate in one online lesson/week until IWC resumes onsite education. For clients needing immediate material supplies/assistance, a telephone conversation will determine their essential needs, and a package shall be created and left in the entryway outside IWC’s office door during regularly scheduled office hours. If the client does not have transportation, delivery arrangements can be made to leave items outside the front door of their home.

No children, elderly people, or people with compromised health shall enter the facility until further notice.

Beginning March 23rd, Insight Women’s Center operational hours are Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesdays, from 10:00 to 4:00 pm and Thursdays from 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm.

First Things First

  • a lab-quality pregnancy test
  • a limited ultrasound performed by a licensed medical professional

We provide these services at no charge and are here to travel this road with you.

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