What We Offer—Abortion Information

We want to provide you with all the information you need regarding abortion. Sometimes women may feel they need to make this decision quickly to get out of a tough pregnancy situation, but as with any medical procedure, it is best to make sure you know all the ins and outs for your own safety and protection. While we don’t refer for or perform abortions, it is an option.  Here’s what we offer:

  • Laboratory Quality Pregnancy Tests
  • Limited Obstetrical Ultrasound by a Licensed Medical Professional
  • Private and Pressure-Free Abortion Education (With NO Judgment and NO graphic images)

Our Abortion Education covers more, but here are some basics on abortion.
Abortion is a procedure that results in the voluntary termination of a pregnancy, either medically or surgically. There are risks associated with any medical procedure. All abortion procedures require an ultrasound to determine pregnancy and gestational age. We provide ultrasounds at no charge.

Abortion Health and Safety Checklist:

  • Have you had a confirmation of a viable, uterine pregnancy?
  • Do you know everything about the abortion procedure?
  • Do you know about potential emotional/physical complications?
  • Does the abortion clinic treat you for any complications?
  • Do you understand that it’s ok to change your mind?
  • Does the doctor have local hospital admitting privileges?
  • Have there been any lawsuits filed against the doctor or clinic?
  • Do you have any STI’s or have you been tested?
  • What do you know about fetal development?
  • Are you feeling pressured to have an abortion?


may your choices reflect your hope, not your fear.