Young student searching on a tablet about pregnancy information? You’re a Student and Think You May Be Pregnant—Now What?
Last week you were a student working towards your goals with a plan for your future. But today—you think you may be pregnant and your life plan seems uncertain. If that’s the case, one of these may be true for you right now: FEAR HAS SET IN/FEAR IS SETTING IN.

One moment your mind was filled with class assignments, a future career and social life,
—and after seeing the positive results on a home pregnancy test—

Your thoughts have become those of desperation as you anxiously try to think of ways to escape a possible reality which was unexpected and unplanned…

  • How am I going to continue with school?
  • What about the plans I had for my life?
  • What about my career?
  • What will my parents say?
  • Where will I stay if I have a baby?

These all may be questions you are asking yourself along with having feelings of guilt, anger and self-judgment.

Your emotions are real and raw—no doubt, you have some tough decisions to make—but you were built for challenges like this and we can help you recognize your strength.

Breathe —We Can Help.

Confirm Pregnancy

Your future is important and we are here to empower you with the freedom and control to decide what’s best for your life. Although we don’t refer for or perform abortions, you have choices to make and we can help you with your next step in confirming your pregnancy.

may your choices reflect your hope, not your fear.