Many college campuses fail to provide adequate resources for students facing unplanned pregnancy on campus. Students are often led to believe that they must choose between proceeding with their education and parenting their unborn child.

In many cases, students are led to believe that continuing their education and pregnancy at the same time is an impossible task, resulting in the pressure to choose abortion.

Alongside the Insight Women’s Center, Insight @ KU aims to empower students with the freedom and control to make the best possible decision for
themselves and their unborn child. 

We understand that your emotions are real and raw and you have many difficult decisions to make ahead of you – but we are here to help you recognize your strength.

What is Insight@KU? We’re a Christian college student organization on the campus of The University of Kansas, led and organized by college students. We table in the union on a weekly basis to pass out free pregnancy tests, information on local resources and offer support for students facing an unplanned pregnancy. Our main goal is to empower women to continue their education and their pregnancy. We aim to connect students to the services Insight Women’s Center of Lawrence provides. We believe in the mission and ministry of the Insight Women’s Center, and believe their services should be known about on campus!

Every semester, we hold bi-monthly meetings for members. We also hold a number of events on campus. These events are designed to advocate for Insight Women’s Center and to connect students with services they may need. Some events also educate students on the Christian perspective on sex and sexuality. Follow us on our Facebook page to stay up to date on when our bi-monthly meetings are held and what events are happening this year!

Text Line: 785-813-1732

may your choices reflect your hope, not your fear.